70 percent of the hospitality market, and 86 percent of the world’s luxury properties rely on Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi to deliver a strong, consistent wireless connection for all guest devices and multimedia applications, everywhere on their property. So QDOS-sbl are delighted to have been awarded ‘Select Reseller Status’ under the Ruckus Ready Partner Program.

Participation has seen QDOS-sbl invest in Pre-Sales Accreditation, Sales Accreditation and Technical Accreditation of the Ruckus Wired and Wireless Products and Solutions.

Amongst the benefits to QDOS-sbl customers is the ability to offer their guests high performance everywhere, for their wired and wireless Internet devices. With huge numbers of devices competing for connections; concrete walls absorbing signals; dead spots in unexpected places that drop guests connections, Ruckus wireless access points automatically adapt for interference and other problems in real time. So guests can use more devices, in more places, with the same great connection.

QDOS-sbl customers can also now not only connect their guests, they can connect with them. Hotels and restaurants are already providing Wi-Fi as an amenity with guests connecting from the moment they set foot on the property. Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi can now provide more convenient hotel services such as speeding up the check-in and check-out process from any smart device. High performance Ruckus infrastructure can also help hotels grow their bottom line by connecting guests with hotel information, such as room service, spa services, special promotions and more.

Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi can make guest onboarding simple, seamless and secure. Guests can use social media, loyalty program credentials or any other means preferred to log on to the hotel or restaurant Wi-Fi. Future access can be provided after the first login automatically, without users having to do anything. All this can be accessed through a self-service portal that’s branded for the individual property and protects every connection with the gold standard in Wi-Fi security.

For more details please contact the QDOS-sbl Commercial Team on +44 (0) 203 3010 007